Catering Reservation

Emerald Set RM20.90/pax

Min order for 50 pax, price is before 6% GST Tax


Main Course Selection

1. Curry Chicken or Rendang Chicken or Green Curry Chicken

2. Hakka Deep Fried Chicken or Thai Pandan Chicken

3. Deep Fried Squid Ball or You Tiao Salad

4. Slice Fish with Thai Chili Sauce or Slice Fish with Mango Sauce

5. Braised Bean Curd or Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable

6. Fried Rice West Style

7. Thai Style fried Bee Hoon

8. Honey Dew Sago or Steamed Tapioca with Sugar Syrup

9. Assorted Fresh Fruits or Snacks

10. Orange Juice or Wheatgrass Juice